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Partnerships with Rural Communities

America is powered by rural communities, yet they are too often left behind. The corrupting influence of corporate America and the politicians who profit from that system have left rural communities to grapple with crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, a lack of access to adequate health care, and dwindling economic opportunities.

This has to change. It’s time to connect rural communities to the prosperity they deserve.

In his Partnerships with Rural Communities, Tom pledges to build a foundation of connectivity, invest in the challenges rural communities are facing, grow a just economy with good jobs, and collaborate to address the climate crisis.

Building Connectivity

Full participation in our economy depends on the Internet. 39% of rural residents don’t have access to high-speed wireless.
Tom’s plan will mobilize $135 billion in Rural Utilities Service grants and loans for broadband networks, allocating 60% to disadvantaged communities, tribal populations, and communities of color.
Investing in roads, bridges, and levees make rural communities safer, more connected, and engaged in new markets.

Investing in Rural Communities

Establishing an Office of Rural Affairs will address health care, educational, housing, and income challenges.
Tom’s plan will allocate $75 billion in new funding towards holding Big Pharma accountable and mitigating the opioid crisis, and $100 billion to revolutionize the way we treat mental health.
His plan secures higher wages and smaller class sizes for teachers and incentivizes curriculums designed to prepare the next generation for modern careers.
Tom’s administration will deliver on the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program and will offer two years of free community college or technical skills training.
Developing new housing, providing senior housing, and expanding federal housing programs will alleviate housing struggles.

Growing a Fair Economy

Many workers feel left behind by automation and globalization. Tom will break the corporate stranglehold to cultivate a prosperous market.
Tom will support farmers and manufacturers through fair, open trade policies that grow global markets while ensuring food security at home.
Rural workers will be protected with a $15/hr minimum wage, the right to unionize, and thorough plans for retirement.

Addressing the Climate Crisis

Tom's administration will prioritize the urgent climate crisis, and will work with rural communities to implement sustainable, justice-led solutions.
This means mobilizing $145 billion to support farmers — including farmers of color — in their transition to climate-smart agricultural practices and green infrastructure.

Read Tom’s full Partnerships with Rural Communities framework.