Jobs Associated with Key Parts of Tom’s Justice-Centered Climate Plan

TOTAL Job-years: 45,981,000 (equivalent to 4.6M 10-year jobs)

  • Infrastructure Plan and Building Decarbonization: 35.3M
  • Clean Energy Construction: 8.1M
  • Clean Energy Operation and Maintenance: 1.5M
  • Civilian Climate Corps: 1M

California Jobs From Selected Clean Energy Policies

Our independent analysis estimates that California clean energy policies have created 549,000 job-years.

  • Energy Efficiency (2005 – 2019): >160,000 (44,000 from 2016 – 2019)
  • Distributed (Rooftop) Solar (2005 – 2019): 170,000 (most in the last few years)
  • Cap and Trade (2013 – 2016): 75,000
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard (2005 – 2018): 124,000 (most in the last few years)
  • Prop 39 (2013 – 2018): 20,000
  • Total: >549,000 job-years. A job year represents full-time equivalent of 2,080 hours of work. Most of these jobs have been created since 2013. We estimate that jobs created by California’s climate policies are currently supporting more than 60,000 full-time equivalent jobs per year.

Protecting Fossil Workers During the Transition

It is highly likely that Tom’s plan results in significant net job creation, possibly on the order of 2:1, during the initial 10-year investment period. Tom’s plan minimizes worker displacement because:

  • Over 90% of the jobs will be created in the first ten years; and 
  • Fossil fuel industry jobs phase out over a 25-year period. 

For displaced fossil fuel workers, Tom’s “Regenerative Economy” pillar provides for additional support, such as:

  • Health, pension, and wage guarantees; 
  • Portability of union membership and benefits, and early retirement options; and
  • Voluntary educational, retraining, and/or relocation assistance.