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The Beat Trump Bus Tour returned to Iowa

As a countdown to the Iowa caucuses, Tom took the Beat Trump Bus Tour (formerly known as the People Over Profits Tour) across Iowa. For Tom, this tour was an opportunity to renew his conversation with Iowans and show that he is the best Democrat to beat Donald Trump on the economy and win in November.

Over the course of this tour, Tom outlined how we can build an economy that works for all Americans while pursuing economic and environmental justice. The tour gave Tom the opportunity to continue to listen, learn and show Iowans that his economic expertise, commitment to justice, and ability to build an inclusive, winning coalition of Americans, makes him the best Democrat to beat Donald Trump on the economy and win in November.

The stops and events of the return of the Beat Trump Bus Tour across Iowa were the following:

January 27

Tom officially kicked off the tour with a town hall meeting in Ames and later stopped by the Tom 2020 campaign offices to surprise the staff.

January 28

The day began with a crowded town hall in Ankeny and ended with the NAACP & Urban Dreams Block Party. Throughout the day, TeamTom braved the cold in Iowa and engaged voters in the dialogue about Tom’s economic expertise and commitment to justice.

January 29

Tom interacted with voters during town halls in Knoxville, Ottumwa, and Fairfield. With less than a week to go until the Iowa caucuses, Tom’s message — that he is the unconventional candidate needed to expose Trump on the economy and beat him in November — continues to resonate with Iowans.

January 30

The Beat Trump Bus Tour keeps gaining steam ahead of the Iowa Caucuses. On Thursday, there were #momenToms reported from town hall meetings in Burlington, Muscatine, and Davenport. Our bus tour has had it all— beautiful venues, engaging conversation, and a growing momentum that Tom is THE best candidate to tackle our country’s greatest problems.

January 31

With town halls in Clinton and Dubuque, Tom continued to make the case to Iowans that the 2020 presidential election will come down to the economy, and that his experience and track record of growing prosperity makes him the Democrat best prepared to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump (on the economy) and win.

Said Tom: “Donald Trump touts his economic success as his best case for reelection, but the economy is failing hard-working Iowans and Americans all across this country. Economic growth is not a success if it all goes to the top 1% on top of a $2 trillion dollar tax cut for corporations and the wealthy. Low unemployment doesn’t work if Americans are working two or more jobs to make ends meet.”

February 1

Evi and Sam Steyer knocked it out of the park hosting town halls in Decorah and Cedar Falls. Day 6 of the Beat Trump Bus Tour concluded in Waterloo where Tom spoke with Iowans about his people-first economic plan.

Tom is here to represent ALL Americans and their professional dreams.

The tour continues until Monday’s caucuses!

February 2

The Steyer Surge is Real! The day began with a fantastic turnout for Tom Steyer at the Environmental Justice Town Hall in Cedar Rapids. Tom reminded Iowans that he is the only candidate who will declare a national climate emergency on day one and use the powers of the presidency to address the crisis.

The day concluded with a town hall in Coralville.

February 3

Iowans, it’s Caucus Day! Game Day started with Canvass Launch events in Downtown Des Moines and Beaverdale. Show up to support democracy and make your voice heard. We hope to see you standing in Tom Steyer’s corner.

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